Smell of longing

When I was a kid we spent summers in Fiskebäckskil with Grandma and Grandpa living upstairs while we occupied the downstairs. Grandma would always have nectarines in a basket in the kitchen upstairs but to my disappointment I was not allowed to touch them until they were just perfectly ripe. When they were, finally, she … Continue reading Smell of longing

Date bites

Here is the recipe, upon request, for one of my favorite treats. Each bite is around 70 kcal. The dates provide sweetness but are also rich in calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium. I keep them in a container in the fridge and pop 1-3 a day. Ingredients 200g dates (the fresh big … Continue reading Date bites

Travelling with kids

Have you ever been stuck on a long flight with a screaming child thinking 1. “My God, can someone shut that kid up”. 2. “I would hate to be in the parents shoes right now”  ?

When we had our own kids I started thinking about how we probably would BE in those dreaded shoes soon and immediately started strategising to make it easy on us, our children and fellow travellers. Here are my tips on long haul flights with kids. Continue reading Travelling with kids

In my Bolsa

Bolsa is portuguese for “bag”. Day by day the content in mine has increased but I seem to have reached a plateau so here is what I need to carry around on a daily basis so far in terms of “NEED” and “NICE”.  NEED A bag that isn’t to heavy on its own and durable. … Continue reading In my Bolsa